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Isn't Dada competing with Rust?

I don't think of it that way. To me, the goal of Dada is to explore some ideas without worrying about backwards compatibility with Rust for a time. I figure that this leads us to one of two places:

  • Dada informs new Rust features and designs, and remains an experiment. There are tons of ideas in Dada that could apply to Rust, although in some cases we'd have to think about how to adapt them.
  • Dada becomes a successful language in its own right, one that interoperates smoothly and well with Rust.

Why work on Dada?

Working on Dada is really fun and, frankly, kind of relaxing for me. It's also a way to explore different language ideas unfettered by constraints of backwards compatibility. It is my hope that some of the ideas in Dada can make their way back to Rust. --nikomatsakis