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How to build Dada

Building Dada as a standalone executable

You can build Dada just like any other Rust project:

  • Install Rust via rustup (note that Dada uses the nightly toolchain)
  • Checkout dada from github
  • Run tests cargo test

You can also use the cargo dada subcommand:

  • Run tests: cargo dada test or cargo dada test --bless
  • Run an individual file: cargo dada run

Building the website

The Dada website is a docusaurus project.


  • Install node.js, we recommend nvm
    • You want the version of node found in .nvmrc
    • With nvm, just use nvm install to get the correct version of node
  • Run cargo xtask deploy
    • This will compile Dada with webassembly and build a static copy of the site
  • To test the site locally:
    • You must first run cargo xtask deploy to build the webassembly package
    • You can then cd book and run npm start