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Hello, Dada!


See the About page for more information. Also, you have to pretend that all the code examples are editable and runnable, with live IDE tooltips and so forth. =)

You can see a classic “Hello, World” program in Dada below; it should be quite familiar. Note that this is a live-editing IDE -- try editing the program to see the new output!


Some interesting things:

  • Comments in Dada are written with #, like Python or Ruby, not // like JavaScript or Rust.
  • Dada, like JavaScript, is based exclusively on async-await. This means that operations that perform I/O, like print, don't execute immediately. Instead, they return a thunk, which is basically "code waiting to run" (but not running yet). The thunk doesn't execute until you await it by using the .await operation.
  • Strings in Dada can spread over multiple lines. Leading and trailing whitespace is stripped by default, and we also remove any common indentation from each line.